Sunday, 13 April 2014

Little Critters - caching in the sun

Alice and Chris decided they fancied a walk in the countryside today.  As I was planning on doing some caching I asked if they would like to join me, which they did.  It is always nice to have some company on my walks, although I am equally happy to go on my own.

So after our lie in this morning we headed off on the 20 minute drive to the start.  We took Millie with us as she is very easy to walk. Diesel is just hard work especially when you don't know what you are walking into.
We found most of the caches okay; just two that we did not find.  A few muggles made the logging a bit tricky at times.  The sun was shining and it was a nice 16 degrees.  The rape was in full bloom which when close to it can make your eyes sting a bit. Thankfully we didn't have too much of that to walk through.

The caches were mostly little insect toys with a very small log book. We couldn't find two easy ones but found the difficult hide very quickly.  Millie behaved herself, although she did manage to dip into two ditches.  I think Chris and Alice enjoyed the stroll. It did take us quite a while to walk the three miles though. I am so slow and the ground was very uneven.

Chris and Alice decided they fancied a barbecue and offered to buy the meat.  Alice phoned Andy. He had already bought a leg of lamb for a roast but was able to change the plans and got the gas BBQ, garden and chairs organised whilst we went shopping.  Whilst Andy was cooking Chris Alice and I sat outside and chatted.  Sev was still playing a game on his PC which was starting to wind Andy up.  Sev eventually came out after his game had finished and after we had already started to eat.  It was a lovely BBQ; loads of food.   Andy gave the dogs a bone each and they merrily munched on those for a little while.  Sev took a video of Diesel chomping on his bone.  If I can I'll load the video up on here, but it is on youtube. "Diesel enjoying a bone".  Turn the volume on; it is quite funny.  We then had a lovely raspberry roulade for dessert.

After eating we were all a bit stuffed and sat int he living room for a while.  All the time Alice wanted to play a board game but Chris and Andy are not too keen on board games.  It's difficult to play a game with three people.  After about an hour we managed to persuade Chris to play Monopoly.  Now Sev ALWAYS wins at Monopoly.  So I already knew the outcome before we started. But then I nearly always end up drunk when playing, but didn't this time.  After Chris and Alice merged, Sev and I merged.  Then of course the inevitable - Sev won. 

After that we all chilled out in the living room again before I went up to have my bath and get ready for bed.  Altogether an enjoyable day.   Back to work on Monday and Wednesday and then I am off all over Easter and back on the following Wednesday.  Hooray.  two weeks with two days of work and then at the end of April a whole week off.  Yippee.

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