Thursday, 31 December 2009


I've been bitten by a vicious little chihuahua. I apologise if anyone actually likes these little tykes but I never have liked small lap dogs that yap a lot. I like them even less now. We were sitting in our living room when we spotted a small dog running around the round. I went out and tried to coax it to come to me but it wasn't interested. It had a collar on. So I grabbed my coat and a dog treat and went after it. It still wouldnt come to me, perhaps the treat I had was not to its taste, but it did get close enough to me for me to attempt to pick it up and the little bugger bit me. Naturally I dropped it straight away but a few minutes later managed to corral it into a walled garden. I asked the owner of the garden to call the police. The police called the Animal Warden from the council and someone came along pretty quickly which was good because the dog was trying to get out but I had it cornered. I was worried it would try to nip me if it did get past me. Thankfully the Animal Warden managed to get it very easily. So that was that. Now I have a very sore finger for my troubles. I defintely don't like chihuahuas now.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It's Christmas time

It is the lull between Christmas and New Year and time to reflect on the year gone and to think of New Year's resolutions. Here are a few photos of our Christmas celebrations.

Sarah, Sev and Alice, despie being 19,18 and 16 stil wanted Christmas stockings. Did anyone order a toy boy! LOL. My four year old nephew had fun with a box on Boxing Day.
A few photos of us all at Christmas. This last one is of all Andy's parent's grandchildren.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve

Well the snow has all gone and it is much easier to get around now. I took Milie for a walk over he woods and she still managed to have a roll in what was left of the snow/ice. She was so filthy we had to wash her AGAIN when we got home. She met up with a 9month old labradoodle and the two of them had a great run around.

I have finished cutting up all the jeans squares for my jeans quilt. At some point over the holidays I will sew some red hearts on some of squares and then start to sew them altogether.

Well it is Christmas Eve and everything is done. The shopping - between us Andy and I have been to Tescos EIGHT times in the past two days! LOL. But we have everything now, finally. All the presents too. Off to church in a few minutes as I dont think I can stay awake until midnight.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

snowy weekend

We have had a great time this weekend taking Millie for walks in the snow. Millie has thoroughly enjoyed rolling around in the white stuff. The snow is still here as the temperature has not gone above 0 degrees. We haven't gone anywhere though because the roads are still very icy. I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow morning when it will be very cold and icy.

Without having realised it at the time, I have managed to knock off another of my 101 things to do in 1001 days - number 85 go to a quiz night. Andy and I went to one at the church hall with Andy's parents and his brother Simon a few weeks ago. I thought we were doomed when I saw a chap who I was in the same team with some years ago. He is so clever and knows almost everything. I went up to him and said hello and asked if he remembered me from all those years ago and said I might as well go home now that he is here! He laughed and said he did remember me and my ex-husband who knew an answer that he did not. He even remembered the question and answer in great detail!! He was glad my ex was not there that night! In the end we came third out of seven teams. Unfortunately two teams had a bust up and one of them walked out! We thought it quite hilarious that people would get so wound up over a church quiz night.

Not doing too good with the numbers 18 and 19 of my 101, i.e. quilts. I have started to make another one. How hopeless am I? I am quite looking forward to this one though as it is quite different. I am making a jeans quilt out of old jeans. I have been cutting up old jeans into 5 1/2 squares and have about 86; I need about 140 altogether. I think to get away with the three that I have not completed is to give them to my mum and ask her to back them for me.

Friday, 18 December 2009


The first photo is the view from the green to my house. The second one is of the green with snow in the trees. It looks really pretty.

It snowed heavily last night. We don't get snow very often here so it is quite an event when it does snow "proper" snow which actually stays on the ground for more than 10 minutes. It is actually about 6 inches deep which is pretty cool. I got up early to listen to the radio to see how bad the roads were. Everyone kept saying stay at home unless your journey is essential. I live close to the main road though, so I thought if I cant get out to the main road it will be alright. There was nothing on the radio about any problems on the roads I was intending to use to get to work this morning. So I went out at about 7.30am this morning. It took forever to wipe the 6" snow off the car and then when I went to try and turn the car round it keep sliding and got stuck.
So as I can't even more the car at the moment I am not going in to work. I took Millie over the green for a quick run in the snow. At least you can see her in the dark! LOL.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Well the Christmas decorations are finally up, after Andy has pestered me for the past three weeks! I have always put them up 10-15 days before Christmas and not before! They do look lovely, Andy did most of the work this year; he was very excited to be putting them up. I will load a few pictures up a bit later on this evening. We are going to an outdoor carol concert in Old Leigh at 6pm and will take some more photos then. So I will load them all up later tonight. We bought a new outdoor set of lights in the shape of two reindeers and a sleigh. When our neighbours saw them they said they were thinking of buying the same thing! We are going to look a bit odd both having the same thing, but never mind. I love driving around looking at all the decorations. We will probably have a little drive around this evening as I want to take some photos for a photo swap that I am doing on