Sunday, 13 April 2014

Life. What have we got to show for all those years at the end of it?

Recently a very old and dear friend of Andy's died.  We visited her husband and daughter to offer our condolences and any support we could give.  Whilst talking we considered the thirty years that Andy had known her for.  Her husband struggled to remember what they did during a period of time in their life.  After chatting and putting pieces together we surmised that they did what most couples do before the children come along.  Potter about, enjoy lie ins at the weekend and mostly just go to work Monday to Friday.    We talked about keeping diaries to remember the little day to day things. One remembers and takes photos of the big events in our lives. You know the ones.  Christmas, Easter, summer holidays, birthdays and any other significant event.  But we forget to note the little daily things in our lives.

What did our bathroom look like way back then?  What did I do most weekends during a particular decade.  Since I've started geocaching I guess most of my weekends have included a caching trip somewhere. But before then?  Probably taking the kids somewhere - the beach or the park.

So after some contemplation since our chat yesterday I thought I might start up a little diary of my daily life.  It probably wont be terribly inspiring, but at least it will note the small day to day things that occur.  The summer is just starting so at least it might be a little bit more interesting than during the winter as at least I can get outside after a day at work.

So begin my little diary.  Yesterday we drove up to see Andy's friend's husband and daughter. It was a lovely sunny day but we spent most of it in the car or in the house. We went to Costa for lunch and I told them about a cache nearby  but we all agreed it was too far (1000feet) to bother with today.  Before we drove back home Andy and I stopped near a river so he could collect himself before driving home.  I suggested a short walk - to pick up a cache. I know - I'm shameless.  But we both enjoyed the walk through the meadow.  There were sheep with their lambs. It was a delight to see the lambs basking in the sun.  Found the cache quickly.  It was a church micro so I was pleased to find it.  We went back to the bridge looking over the river and just enjoyed the view and the peace and quiet for a few minutes before the long drive home.  Sev and Alice were home and we ordered pizza as no-one felt like cooking. After stuffing our faces with a pizza each I shared out some sweets - revels and starmix.

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