Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I was popping into the library and there is a park nearby with a geocache so thought I would pop in to quickly nab it before going on to the library. Well!! I never got to the library after all. As I was walking into the park there was a lad in his 20's with a dog standing looking at a young badger. I was amazed that a badger would be out and about during the day in a busy area. It turns out that the badger was really poorly. It couldn't walk far and had difficulty breathing. The lad and his girlfriend had called the RSPCA and had waited for nearly an hour. They needed to get into town so I said I would hang around until the RSPCA, the man to lock up the park or the couple turned up. So off they went. I waited 45 minutes before the RSPCA man turned up. By then the badger had crawled along the path and found a hole to crawl into. The RSPCA man said there was little he could do. I explained the symptoms of the badger and he said he might have concussion. Anyway when I got home Andy mentioned TB. It might be that that is what was wrong with it. So there wasnt much that could be done. I will give the council a call and let the parks section know that there is a poorly badger there so they can perhaps keep an eye out. It will either die or recover! So I didn't get to the library nor did I get the geocache.

Friday, 18 September 2009


Having fun with two of my fav hobbies - geocaching and swapping on swapbot. Just sent off two CDs that I burnt myself with songs that reflect my life's journey. It was enjoyable going through old memories. Had a spot of bother trying to make the CD covers though. I couldn't get them to the right size. Have had to send them out with the back sleeve being too small but they needed to get out in the post today. Never mind.

With the geocaching I have two events planned over the next couple of months, one next weekend and one in November. Tomorrow I plan to mope up a few geocaches that are in the area.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Alice has started college and has homework already. She is going to make a small music magazine for her media studies. The first thing to do is to take a photo of a musician. Alice adn I went to the woods and did an impromptu photo shoot. This is the result. Luckily Sev was a willing party!!


I took Sarah and her friend Hannah geocaching over Great Wakering one lovely hot evening. We were gone for three hours. A bit longer than planned but it was all good. We went round a church, found a micro and then searched for clues for the cache. We managed to find eight of the nine that we were looking for. It was on the 8th Sept that we went - so that was pretty cool. The one that we couldnt find was really tricky. Apparently quite a few others have found it difficult too. It was a lovely walk and I think the girls enjoyed it.

Millie enjoyed the walk too!

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Had a great day out yesterday. First I went to Hanningfield Reservoir and met up with some other geocachers, some of the names I recognised from the caches. Kev had planned 14 caches altogether, 8 of them with lego pieces which made a little man next to a tree. Very clever idea. Here is a picture of all of us.

About eight teams did a race round the reservoir collecting the lego pieces. I didn't do it though, although I did get one cache near the meet. It was nice to meet people with the same hobby. I think some of them are going to Castle Hedingham at the end of the month so it will be cool to see them again.

I then went home and picked up Millie and took her to the Orsett Show. It was packed, there were loads and loads of people there. There were sheep and cows in pens and a little practice agility course set up that Millie and I bumbled our way around. She didn't understand the concept of going through the tunnels! Then we went on to watch some horses doing jumps - it was the novice round and they were very good. It was very enjoyable to watch. I wandered all around the outside of the display rings in the middle and had a good afternoon there. I bought some cheeses with strange additions like chocolate! One was cheese with chilli - which is very hot.

Then I took Millie home and went round to parents in law to pick up Andy. He had been there to help his brother spready out some topsoil and lay out some turf. We had fish and chips there before coming home late at night. So all in all a pretty full day.

It is now Sunday evening and Sarah is here for a few days. Always nice to have her home, I think she has a busy few days planned meeting up with friends.

I am having an MRI scan of my lumbar spine tomorrow to check out my back, in case I have hurt it really bad. Just to check if there is any cord compression. I think it will be alright, but just want to make sure really. I will get my boss to check it out as the is the expert. Then we are going to parents in law again as Sarah has not been to their new home yet. Hopefully Sarah and I will get a chance to do a little spot of geocaching. I am supposed to be giving blood tomorrow, but not sure if I will have time.